Membership of WABAC

Membership is now available to all types of business, including retail and non retail, across the Wakefield District, including Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford and nearby towns and villages. All members will have access to a live Crime Intranet information sharing system and can also access the latest radio technology supported by a link to the CCTV network if they wish. Exchanging photographs of offenders and bulletins on criminal methods and movements will improve staff confidence to alert others about crime and reduce the impact of crime on business profitability.


Membership Benefits:


  • A Business Crime Reduction Manager to manage the partnership and support member businesses.
  • Information and advice to assist in the fight against retail & business crime.
  • Improved staff awareness and a safer environment for your staff.
  • Membership window stickers at the entrance to your business.
  • Exclusion notices for repeat or violent or anti social offenders.
  • Access to radio links, and CCTV communications networks.
  • Intranet service and Website
  • Weekly Intranet Bulletins & Photos of prolific and travelling criminals.


Membership Options & Prices

The key to our success will be making the scheme affordable to as many businesses as possible through our membership rates and by sharing the cost of the administration of the scheme amongst businesses.


Wakefield Centre Only

OPTION 1 - Membership + Radio + Intranet Access


  • Small Business - £494 +VAT per year

  • Large Business - £598 +VAT per year


OPTION 2 - Membership + Intranet Access only

  • A  small single business location - £156.00 per year
  • A large single business location   -​£260.00 per year

Wakefield District (All Areas outside Wakefield Centre)

OPTION 3 – Membership + Intranet Access only

  • A single business location - £260.00 per year


All tiers of membership include coordinator support, registration with information commission, insurance liability cover, meeting attendance, access to the intranet and free web link that is adapted to view the mugshot images on any internet smart phone, tablet, desk/ lap top computer.


NB. All membership options, whether you hire a radio or not, have FREE access to the Crime Intranet Service + Web Link App for smart phones and cover attendance at WABAC Meetings and Coordinator support. Your membership allows you to browse the offender mugshots, know who is targeted or excluded and read the latest member crime information bulletins.


Please note that all memberships are subject to ratification by the WABAC Management Board who reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership.