Professional criminals commit a significant proportion of retail crime. They steal to order and select targets where there is the best chance of remaining undetected and where goods stocked have a ready resale market. By warning member stores about prolific local offenders as well as professional criminals this creates a protective shield for smaller retailers in the vicinity. They derive benefit by the early recognition of suspects allowing the police and businesses to take action promptly to deter or arrest offenders and remove them from our area.


WABAC offers a crime reduction solution for all businesses, not just retailers. Distribution and wholesale networks that support the retail industry and other businesses can also benefit from our service to prevent robbery, theft of vehicles, machinery or plant theft.


The key to our approach is identifying and sharing information about travelling or professional criminals committing crime throughout the Wakefield District. By alerting WABAC members and businesses advertising that the right security measures are in place we will “deter and detect” offenders.


Consistent identification of potential offenders and crime prevention techniques by staff deters crime forcing criminals to reconsider their targets. The continued expansion of our membership base geographically increases information received and circulated, making the job of the offender more difficult to achieve.